Flight TV - Issue 3

Last weekend Severka Airfield hosted aerial navigation race sponsored by the Federation of Aviation Lovers of Rassia – FAL.
Aviators’ fashion house. Technoavia Co. held its conference with the view of its further participation in Moscow’s MAKS Air Show.
And more some aviation news

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ВЕДУЩИЙ: You’re watching FlightTV – the second release of a new public show made for people who are really into flying. The sponsor of our show – the Aerovolga Company – continues with the mass production of La-8 amphibious flying boats and the development of the 2-seater Boreas airplane! Alexander Shvidkin is in the studio with you again. Hi everybody!
Last weekend Severka Airfield hosted aerial navigation race sponsored by the Federation of Aviation Lovers of Rassia – FAL.
Aviators’ fashion house. Technoavia Co. held its conference with the view of its further participation in Moscow’s MAKS Air Show.
Aviation news:
On the 1st of April the Korean Central News Agency KCNA disseminated its photo coverage of how Korean Leader Kim Jong-un visited the aviation maintenance facility where they started production of a light piston airplane. Kim Jong-un combines the posts of the head of Korean communist Labor party, the President of the Korean Government and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. He highly appreciated the new airplane and its engine – both made by his personal demand of exclusively locally produced parts and components. Russian spectators might be put in doubts because of the date of this announcement but our advisors insist that North Koreans are not aware of the very existence of “April, the 1st” jokes. Above that, any jokes connected to Korean leader are not much welcome in North Korea... To put it mildly.
The Twitter social network has published a photograph of the Transaero air carrier’s airplane painted in a proposed new color scheme. The Transaero’s official account has confirmed this information. Since its foundation in 1990 the carrier did not made any rebranding so far.
On the 9th of April the government-owned Rossia aviation company suspended operation of its whole fleet of six Ukrainian Antonov’s An-148 passenger aircraft. The airplanes are owned by Ilyushin Finance leasing Company and planned to be shifted to the Emergency Control Ministry of Russia and to Angara air carrier. The rumor is that all 78 pilots and a hundred technicians employed on these aircraft now will be fired.
Encouraging news for Russian fans of widely famous Soviet Tupolev’s Tu-154M airliner. The aviation blogger and photographer Serguey Martirosyan came to an agreement with the Belorussian Belavia national carrier to employ a Tu-154 on one of its Moscow to Minsk regular flights. If the event gathers more than 120 passengers all tickets will be sold for only 120 Euro for both ways. The program also includes photographs of the airplane and passengers during the flight. Now Serguey has organized a Facebook poll for the flight’s scheduled date. The proposed variants are the 20th of June, 11th of July or 8th of August. On the 29th of May this year Belavia is also going to perform a Minsk to Geneva regular return flight on board the Tu-154M for those Soviet aircraft lovers who live in Western Europe. The air ticket price for this flight is 5500 Russian Roubles from Minsk to Geneva and 9500 Roubles – for the return flight. Tupolev’s Tu-154M is currently operated in Russia by GazpromAvia and Alrosa air Companies. This summer Russian Kosmos Air Company is also going to start regular operation of these airplanes for passenger flights.
ВЕДУЩИЙ: The Russian Federation of Aviation Lovers organizes a new event almost every month. Last weekend they held an aerial navigation race at Severka Airfield. Evgueny Maksimov has more about peculiarities of the national sky orienteering.
Precision piloting or aerial navigation racing is not a very popular sport now but its number of addicts steadily grows with every season. The rules are simple – just 20 minutes before take-off a pilot receives his map, a timing list with control points and a GPS logger for precise registry of the flight route. The task is to pass through the 1 km wide route and make two precise landings. Going out of the 1 km corridor, overshooting or undershooting is punished by penalty points. The one who gets the fewest points wins. Any pilot is allowed to compete regardless of his total flight time. Only will and map reading skills matter – nothing else.
Pavel Kaluguin, the multiple winner of Russian championships, silver prize winner of the European aviation race.
It is necessary to have an effective PPL and a medical certificate. And of course – great desire, because many who start with this sport soon get frustrated by the first difficulties, so, hard work and persistence is the key issue. Naturally this sport is for aviation addicts. If you look at its history when it started in 1930-s in Sweden and Poland, it was the best training for pilots for flying a route without navigation aids, meaning it was exactly intended for purely visual flights with no GPS, radio compasses and so on. So the practical effect of this race is that a pilot who does this can easily fly with only map and magnetic compass in his hands.
The main aim of air navigation racing is to teach pilots not only how to fly by map but also how to pass the rout in a limited space corridor, to get to the control points exactly at the scheduled time and to make a precise landing at the established spot. One can mistake navigation racing for aviation racing, however there is a fundamental difference between them. Aviation racing is more difficult, it presumes not only flying inside a corridor, but that pilot should make the route himself, find land targets by photographs and signs, and it takes an hour and a half. A Navigation race takes only 20 to 30 minutes.
Alexander Ossika, multiple champion of Russia
Aviation race looks similar but it is more difficult, you have to take about 20 photos and find about 7 turning points, the time is short, if you fail you are punished by penalty points, there are some secret points too, if your are late on them you get penalty again and so on. Means the task is more complex. You have a map and a route on it, turning points should be passed at the exact time. There are also some points marked on the field judges’ maps, you don’t know them, when you fly they also clock it and punish who is late.
Navigation race is sponsored by FAL and the Ministry of Sports of Russia and the winners get official government classification marks. All participants of the regional race get class 3 in aviation sport. Those who occupied 10th to 5th places get class 2, those who get 4th to 1st place get class 1. The winner gets the right to participate in all-Russia championship and cup-tournaments. Those who take part in Russia’s competitions get master-candidate class, 1st to 5th place gets master of sports’ class. It’s that simple. And everybody is welcome.
Pavel Kaluguin, the multiple winner of Russian championships, silver prize winner of the European aviation race.
In nearest time we are going to have the regional phase and afterwards – the all-Russia chempionship. We plan to do it first in Samara, then Nijzny Novgorod and maybe Kazan
The second place in this race was taken by a 17 years old student of a pilot school. It’s that easy. An instructor pilot is allowed on board.
Vassily Ostapenko, Василий Остапенко, student of a pilot school
My intention was just to be a part of the event, because participation in such competition gives you 5 additional points on entrance exams in aviation institutes. But when I came to the airfield and started all preparations, and my dad started to teach me what to do, I suddenly realized that this is not just for additional 5 point, this is more for myself, for my experience, and for my dad finally, because it is his achievement that his son started flying on his own, that he managed to teach me to fly.
Within several months, when he gets 18, Vassily will have his PPL. But PPl is not the final task for him. Hi is going to enter Ulyanovsk Pilot School or Saint-Petersburg Civil aviation Academy to be a professional pilot.
Vassily Ostapenko, Василий Остапенко, student of a pilot school
A PPL received from an air club is good but Institutes do not consider it. It might help you to enter the institute and then improves your image before your instructor, but it does not mean that you have enough knowledge in pilot’s profession. My dad put me on the front seat of Yak-18 the airplane when I was 6. So I got used to flying since young. Say, I got infected by aviation since then forever.
Everyone can register for the next air navigation race through the Federation of Aviation Lovers of Russia. The members can rent a FAL’s airplane. You just have to have a PPL, medical certificate and be the member of FAL.
Evgueny Maksimov, Alexander Moisseev, FlightTV
ВЕДУЩИЙ: Technoavia Copmany is widely known among Russian aviators even though we have never spoken about it in our show so far. For more than 20 years Technoavia has made aviation pants, jackets and flying suits highly appreciated by professional and private pilots. We went to the Company’s seminar to know what’s new.
Russian aviation community knows Technoavia well. It is the oldest and most famous on Russian market. Established in 1992 Technoavia now has its subsidiaries and sales offices in 75 cities of Russia selling dozens of models of flying suites, semi-suites, jackets and shoes made in its own factories in Russai. Military men, civil aviation guys, test pilots, air companies and aviation land personnel wear clothes made by Technoavia.
Nikolay Kolpakov, the deputy chief test flight center of the Research Institute of the Civil Aviation of Russia (RICAR)
We highly appreciate the Technoavia’s responsible approach to satisfying needs of our flight personnel. Comfortable suite is a great success factor in our job. Technoavia’s guys just come to airfield to see how we work to know what we need and to let us choose what is more suitable for us.
Becides the high quality of the clothes the RICAR likes Tecnoavia’s innovative policy, the willingness and ability to perform special orders like super warm flying suit designed exclusively for air crews flying to the Arctic and Antarctic. Technoavia makes freeze-proof flying suits of soft goat leather, they never become stiff at low temperatures – the feature indispensable for those working at Far North of Russia.
Alexander Cherednichenko, Kamov Helicopters’ test pilot.
Some of their innovations originate from new users’ demands, some – from new materials. Technoavia works hard in research of innovative design solutions and modern material. That is why I like working with them.
Technoavia sales offices has much to show for all who works hard in production industries, security services, helth care, even tourists, hunters and fishermen. But still, aviation is their first priority.
Ludemeela Timoshenko, deputy general director for aviation
It started in 1992. Aviation was our first task. Like the first love which sticks in your heart forever. So we make aviation clothes with love as we tend to protect the pilot. Whether it is a leather jacket or a flying suite, gloves or shoes, all this should be designed to protect a pilot in a critical situation.
Tecnoavia pursues comprehensive approach to the users’ needs. They offer not only their own product but the product of a dozen of the world known manufacturers covering all range of stuff needed at the airfield – from large choice of mechanic’s gloves to famous 3M Peltor headsets. It is good to be able to get all you need in one shop, they say.
Dmitry Egorchenko, deputy chef personal safety department
We work with 3M Peltor – this Swedish Company was the first in the World who started making aviation headsets. The Peltor’s founder was a serviceman and experienced some troubles with regards to ears protection. So Peltor’s sets provide full protection and maximum dependability for pilots and maintenance staff at all noise levels, we tested them at 130 dB – extremely high noise, they work. Very effective product.
With care for its clients, Technoavia pursues its feedforward promotion policy. At the end of March just before the start of a new summer season they held a seminar to present their new cotton and fireproof flight clothes for Government Flight Detachment Rossia, Gromov’s Flight Test Institute and dozens of other clients. During the seminar, Technoavia introduced to Russian aviation community their new partner - French aviation helmets manufacturer - MSA Company. MSA presentation was held by the Chief of the Company’s Safety Department. MSA’s helmet 050 model pleased private pilots the best.
Trevor Norris - CEO Aero Innovations Limited This model of the helmet is especially liked by sports and aerobatic pilots. It has inner viser. You can put it when the sun is too bright. It can be either clear or dark as sun glasses. It does not fall nor hinder, very useful. Another use is for summer crops spraying. Very light and pleasant helmet.
Technoavia has its new proposal for private air clubs and air fields – development of individual style and logos for the staff clothes – just like in big air carriers. Technoavia will be presented at HeliRussia 2015 air show in their stand 3L1.
Evgueny Maksimov, Alexander Moisseev, FlightTV

ВЕДУЩИЙ: Aerovolga – the manufacturer of industrial La-8 amphibian flying boats goes on with its promotion activities. First buyers of the new two-seater amphibian Boreas will get it by the fall for only 85,000 US dollars per unit.
A private pilot ordering La-8 will get Boreas as a bonus. There is always a place for second airplane in a good family backyard.
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What is wing-suit and who are base-jumpers? Just crazy or super professionals? This is an endless dispute. But this bug can infect some aviators too. Today’s No Comment show is about how to jump from a rock in an airplane. Have a safe watching. It was Alexander Shvidkin. See you soon!