Flight TV - Issue 4

Air Show in Surgut. Sky and snow.
Alpina Avia air club is going to establish its own pilot school.
Afalina. The people’s helicopter is going to appear before people.

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ВЕДУЩИЙ: You’re watching FlightTV – the public show made for people who are really into flying. The sponsor of our show – the Aerovolga Company – continues with the mass production of La-8 amphibious flying boats and the development of the 2-seater Boreas airplane! Alexander Shvidkin is in the studio with you again. Hi everybody!
Air Show in Surgut. Sky and snow.
Alpina Avia air club is going to establish its own pilot school.
Afalina. The people’s helicopter is going to appear before people.
Ceremonial show of the first prototype of Ukrainian freighter jet An-178 was held in Kiev. The designer’s aim is to replace the retrofit An-12 first made in 1957. More than 150 units are still successfully flying in Russia, Ukraine and many countries worldwide. The new aircraft will be able to carry 18 tons of cargo for 5500 km and take-off and land on dirt airfields. First test flight is scheduled for the 7th of May this year. The manufacturer' assessment of the future market is about 200 units within 10 years and the purchase price – 20 to 25 million US dollars.
ВЕДУЩИЙ: In Russia winter is being replaced by the spring now and more aviators return to their airfields every weekend. The air fests and fly-ins season has started. One of the first spring events is the aviation show at Borovaya airfield near Surgut city. This story is a courtesy of our partner - Surgut Inform TV channel.
Morning at Borovaya airfield was never that crowded as today. Pilots are preparing for the show, airplanes are being prepared for the flight. Dmitry Samokhvalov the announcer of the First Flight aerobatic team visits Surgut for second time. The ambience at this airfield is totally success-prone, he says.
Dmitry Samokhvalov the announcer of the First Flight aerobatic team.
Surgut looks like fast moving place in all aspects. All they do they do in a big way. We feel like home here. Hosts are so welcoming and the airfield ambience is all friendly.
First Flight is a distinguished Russian aerobatic team. They fly piston Yak-52 and Yak-54 airplanes. The world look amazed at them. Their Surgut mates – Bars aerobatic team tend to follow the lead. Their 16 years old leader Ivan Barsov has already flown 200 hours of aerobatic flights.
Ivan Barsov, Bars aerobatic team leader.
Most of all I like that tranquility and lightness coming after the flight. And I plan to enter the Civil Aviation University to be a professional pilot.
In this Surgut show the Bars take part as co-pilots at the opening performance.
Snejana Ignatenko, Bars aerobatic team trainee.
Aviation is a beautiful thing, it goes through you and you feel fine, you fall in love with it. Pilots’ eyes are always shining regardless of the age.
Skies, airplanes, high altitudes – all this is highly attractive even for those who do not fly themselves. And those who fly are really courageous people. And those on the land admire their flight with a sinking heart. Hundreds of people visit this airfield during the show. Many come with their families because there is always a place to eat and get warm. The visitors’ common view is that Borovaya Air Show is a perfect event.
The Air show spectators:
We like everything here. It’s our second time, first time was last year. This year organization is even better – the catering and the show itself is perfect.
This is great. All our family is here, having good time on Saturday morning.
The guys are real aces and experts in this field. The administration is really up to the mark.
I love small planes. Want to fly. So good to get rest on the open air, it is warm, sunny, skies are blue, great, right time for going out. Beautiful airplanes is a bonus.
Several hours with the head thrown back and the camera on. The spectators not only admire the flight but certainly get adrenalized themselves too. Especially when the parachute aerobatic team made their performance. But the airplanes are the real stars of the show. All air club fleet was flying – An-2, Yak-52, Yak-18T, Su-29, Su-31, Cessna 182, and finally - legendary Douglas DC3 – the most popular air freighter of the World War II. This is the only place where you can see it in Russia. Well, the clear skies of Surgut became a real stage and the key actor was the First Flight aerobatic team. There are some world champions in that team. What these guys do in the sky is fantastic.
ТИТР: Air show spectators
Great guys, great job. Just perfect piloting. It’s a beautiful day. We maintain our aviation traditions, do not forget them, this is a real joy to be here. Is this our Surgut, amazing, so many people, all supported the event, so good that aviation is rising in Surgut, well done.
This is true, some time ago the Surgut people could hardly believe that there might be any light aviation in their town. Now, thanks to the pilots’ community, they have the new airfield, air club and even their own aerobatic team, and they are not going to stop on this.
Evgueny Barsov, the Air Show organizer.
We are swift guys, can’t you see it? We are eager to achieve our goals, to make our plans come true. This only a show, we will do other ones. We managed to make our own airfield, now these planes are flying. Now we are going to build our own planes here.
If the task is to promote light aviation, Surgut air show is the perfect instrument for that. Evidently, Surgut Avia air club will grow fast in coming years. The new generation of pilots is growing.
ТИТР: Air show spectators
I liked the most how airplanes performed the dead loop.
I liked all those aerobatic tricks.
I liked how they flew, made loops, zooms and rolls. This is a real perfect piloting.
Do you want to be a pilot yourself?
Yes, I’m going to be a pilot.
Surgut air show is becoming good tradition. The air club is going to develop it – within a couple of years they are going to prepare the airfield for world aerobatic championships. Pilots from Moscow support the idea. With such ambitions and quick temper of the owners and their partners there is nothing impossible.
ВЕДУЩИЙ: In the fall we have told you that Alpina-avia air club was going to open their own pilot school. This task is no easy in Russia, but who walks will finally come, and Alpina-avia Pilot school is almost ready for opening.
For the last three years Alpina-avia air club based at Severka air field near Moscow is building its pilot school. The purchased the airplanes, employed couple of dozens of people as FAR 23 prescribes, equipped the class rooms with all necessary for the lectures. They did great preparatory job.
Nikolay Kuvaev. The founder of the Alpina-avia air club
First of all, we visited dozens of pilot schools in Europe, we were interested to know how they do, what aircraft they use, we spoke to their owners, instructors and students. We have to find ways to attract young people, to bring them to the airfields, to gain their interest, to divert them from some regrettable things affecting our society. That is our main goal.
Last summer they filed an application to the Russian Aviation Administration (Rosaviatsia) and got rejected just under pretext that the simulator training contract was concluded with another pilot school although there is no any requirement to have one’s own simulator in any Russian regulation.
Nikolay Kuvaev. The founder of the Alpina-avia air club
We received an official letter stating that we fall short in their demands – we do not have our own simulator. Well, we got the message and now we are trying to fix it. The aviation laws are changing and we are trying to go with them.
Alpina-avia took note of the denial and purchased their own program and equipment of piloting simulation for the land primary training of private pilots. They are finishing its tuning now and are going to file another application soon.
Nikolay Kuvaev. The founder of the Alpina-avia air club
Alpina –avia is not just the pilot school. We are also a certified operator which quite rare in Russia. Last year we got the license of the Education Ministry for additional professional education. The Ministry has inspected all our training programs. We made the programs ourselves and Rosaviatsia has approved them too. Then, we met almost all requirements and we’ll be soon ready to receive our first students who eagerly wait for this moment.
ВЕДУЩИЙ: The development and assembly of the new Afalina two-seater high-speed helicopter is going on in Siberian city of Kemerovo. The selling price of this coaxial rotor-wing aircraft is about 100,000 US dollars. They claim it’s going to be peoples’ helicopter. We made a poll and found out that dozens of Russian pilots are interested in this machine. Evgueny Maksimov went to Kemerovo to get more about this project.
Yakov Kolesnik – the founding owner of the HeliWhale Company since his childhood was keen on aviation modeling and design. He flew paraglider for several years, then he bought Ptenest-2 airplane and finally came to an opinion that helicopter is the best kind of flying machine. After two years of flying his Robinson Yakov decided to develop his own helicopter – more comfortable and fast and less expensive than Robinson.
Yakov Kolesnik, HeliWhale’s General director
Our goal is not a record aircraft. We just want to make a helicopter able to consume less fuel and fly faster than the others, because time is the most precious thing. I flew my Robinson and I think 90-100 miles an hour is not enough an all.
Yakov has wealth and free time. And some notion of aircraft modelling from his secondary school hobby. Which made him decide to start moving to his dream – to develop his own helicopter. Yakov invited the best local aircraft model builders and founded a new Company – HeliWhale. At the very beginning Kolesnik was going to make just a couple of units for his own use. Then he understood that made in such small numbers the helicopter would cost him a fortune. The required parts’ suppliers offered crazy prices and unsatisfactory delivery terms. Some parts were going to be ready in 2 years or more.
Yakov Kolesnik, HeliWhale’s General Director
We faced giant problem – Russian machinery is in so poor condition now. Few companies are able to make complex parts and they want big money and they need long time to do this. They tend to make a fortune on a single order.
Yakov understood that single order outsourcing is an exhausting way and decided to set up his own industrial facility. He built his hangar at the airfield and filled it with machines worth more than 2,000,000 dollars. Dollars – because almost all machinery was purchase abroad except for one grinder and laser cutting machine which he managed to find on the local market.
Yakov Kolesnik, HeliWhale’s General Director
We refused the idea of quickly making a home-built helicopter and correcting numerous mistakes afterwards. We calculated and invested in development of a good industrial matrix able to issue up to 100 helicopters a year. We are going to start from building the first 5 to 10 units in order to test them and determine their lifetime.
So far, they are testing their suppliers. It is common in Russia. Every second supplier delays delivery, every third delivers low quality. Some even cheated on them – consumed their time and money selling them wasteful engineering solutions, as it happened with truss which they had to remake for three times.
Yakov Kolesnik, HeliWhale’s General Director
This is our fourth attempt to make truss. The first one was not able to sustain any load, however well calculated, but the metal we got was poor and the attached certificate was fake, that’s why. It proved to be made in China while the certificate was issued as it was from Luxemburg.
As a result, all metal they bought that time went to scrap. Finally, they stopped on the US-made 41-30 chromium-molybdenum SS tubes used in all light helicopters the world over – all Robinsons, Eurocopters and so on. Despite of strong desire to get it cheap, they failed to save on metal. Instead, they managed to save on other things which they mastered to do themselves. For example, a cyclic stick normally costs more than 100 dollars. They managed to make it for only 30. They make complex panoramic cockpit glass. Main blades are made of fiber glass and carbon. They add kevlar to the blade’s leading edge to make it resistant of the small stones and to make its lifetime longer. Main helicopter mechanisms are designed and made by their own too.
Yakov Kolesnik, HeliWhale’s General director
We mastered the manufacturing of all these joints and gears ourselves, all you can see here on the helicopter we do ourselves, this is our in-house production.
The swash-plate, the hubs, the blades, the gears – all components of the rotor must are manufactured in Kemerovo. The reduction gear-box is made as a modular structure – if one gear fails you can replace it without disassembling the box itself.
Yakov Kolesnik, HeliWhale’s General director
People ask us, where do you get the main gear? You can see them here on the table. Made here. Our advantage – the mass is lower and the gear ratio is higher than of the other manufacturers. That is why the lifetime is longer. The designers told us they assign 5000 running hours per tooth and then you must monitor the actual condition.
Afalina is also going to have its unique body structure. The passenger’s door is at the right side, and the pilot’s one is on the left in order not to humper each other getting in and out the cockpit. Despite of little tightness Yakov promises it will be comfortable inside due to large space for legs and shoulders enough even for corpulent users. Another feature of this helicopter is great cockpit view. The only components made outside are the engines and avionics. Yakov says it is going to be a buyer’s choice what engine and instruments to have in every exact Afalina.
Yakov Kolesnik, HeliWhale’s General director
The version will depend on the engine make. Today we envisage Rotax, but if a client wishes something exclusive, we will be ready to fit it in our helicopter.
All who want to see Afalina alive will be able to make it at HeliRussia Exhibition stand No 4H in Moscow this May. Afalina’s standard version is powered by Rotax 914 and Enigma avionics famous for its flexible adjustment features. A flyable helicopter will be offered at 130,000 to 150,000 US dollars which depends on the engine type. The first flight tests are scheduled for the 3rd quarter of this year. Then lifetime tests will be made on the special test bench developed and made by Dinamica Company. Pre-sale orders are yet to be accepted but many interested pilots call the Company to know about the progress and the scheduled date of the sales opening.
Evgueny Maksimov, Vladimir Kozin, FlightTV
ВЕДУЩИЙ: Aerovolga Co. the builder of industrial La-8 amphibious flying boats goes on with its activities. First byuers of Aerovolga’s new two seats amphibian Borey airplane will get it by the next fall for only 85.500 dollars. The one who buys La-8 will get Borey as a bonus. There is always a place for second aircraft, isn’t it?
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It was Alexander Shvidkin. See you soon.