Flight TV - Issue 5

The designers of atomic planes. Moscow hosted 12th aviation and aeronautics history contest.
1st of May in Khabarovsk. Federation of aviation sports of the Far East held its precise landing competition.
Russo-Chinese auto-gyros. The new project starts in Voskresensk near Moscow.
XCmeteo startup – the weather door-to-door delivery. Just add your airfield.
Skies, planes and children. Myachkovo airfield held Aviation Victory fest.

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You’re watching FlightTV – the public show made for people who are really into flying. The sponsor of our show – Varter Aviation company! Avgas approved by GosNII Civil Aviation Institute is available now in 8 cities around Russia. Alexander Shvidkin is in the studio with you again. Hi everybody!
The designers of atomic planes. Moscow hosted 12th aviation and aeronautics history contest.
1st of May in Khabarovsk. Federation of aviation sports of the Far East held its precise landing competition.
Russo-Chinese auto-gyros. The new project starts in Voskresensk near Moscow.
XCmeteo startup – the weather door-to-door delivery. Just add your airfield.
Skies, planes and children. Myachkovo airfield held Aviation Victory fest.
Aviation news:
The first test flight of the new Ukrainian military An-178 freighter took place at Gostomel – the Antonov’s test airfield in Kiev. This model is the development of An-148 and An-158 airplanes. It has rear hatch with ramp which allowes to accommodate up to 18 tons of cargo. The wing center section slightly differs from the one of An-158. Landing gear is new. Engines’ thrust is 15% higher. Immediately after first flight the Silk Way air carrier from Azerbaijan signed the first purchase contract for 10 units. A protocol of intent was signed with Chinese Beijing A-star space and technology Company for the joint production of An-178 in China.
Aviation blogger Serguey Martirosyan has reached an agreement with BieloRussian Belavia air carrier on the unique passenger flight from Minsk to Moscow onboard the famous Soviet Tupolev’s Tu-154 airliner. The departure is scheduled at 09:00 on the 11th of July from Moscow. The tickets are offered to the funs of “Big Tupolev” for 120 euro. The return flight will be organized by another aircraft type. Up to date half of the seats are already booked. Before the departure and after arrival the passengers will be offered a team photo on the ramps of Moscow’s Domodedovo airport and of the National airport in Minsk. In Minsk the Tupolev’s passengers will have a talk with the aircrew and the administration of Belavia air Company. They also will visit the Aviation museum.
ВЕДУЩИЙ: A students’ Symposium of the 12th Aviation history contest was held in Moscow. The three contest winners were offered the honor of joining the Aviation Builders’ Club which incorporates a hundred of the most outstanding industry persons. Valery Chaussov has more on the students’ track to aviation.
The contest is named after Russian aviation pioneer – Alexander Mojaisky. This year the contest was devoted to the 230th anniversary of the first flight over the English Channel. However all of the 11 contest’s finalists presented different topics – from the earliest aviation concepts up to atomic flight prospects.
Serguey Gvozdev, the deputy chief of the contest organizers’ committee, the vice-president of the Aviation Builders’ Club
Our main purpose is to make aviation building popular among the young people. There is another task which is important, I think. The contest is international but held in Russian language. Thus, we go along with the Russian President’s appeal to re-unite the Russian World around Russia. We have being doing this for the last 12 years.
The contest has being held for 12 consecutive years. Students from 12 to 18 years old are permitted from all Russia and from abroad. More than 1000 students participate in the first stage held via the internet and only 11 of them have reached the second stage.
The finalists presented their works at the Students’ Symposium in Moscow. They came to the capital city from different regions of Russia – from big cities and small villages. This year Bashkortostan delivered substantial number of participants. During last years more than 1200 Bashkir students participated in the contest thanks for the activity of Serguey Klimov – the Associate Professor of the Aviation Technical University of Ufa.
There is an international students’ air-space school open for everyone. Free of charge thanks for the sponsors’ assistance. One of the sponsors is Viacheslav Obroschenko – the member of the local Parliament.
It is not surprising the fact that students from Bashkiria occupied firs places this year. Danil Sokolov, the first place, has more on how to get the first prise.
Danil Sokolov. The contest winner, student of the aviation technical school of Ufa.
Once I found some patents in the internet concerning modern atomic engines, I asked my techer and he told me about this contest and that one of the subjects is about atomic aviation. It took me long time to find sources of information. Some good people helped me to manage this.
Atomic airplanes was also the subject of the second winner – Almir Zinnatullin, a high school student from Neftekamsk.
Almir Zinnatullin, 11th year student, the high school No 4, Neftekamsk
I am interested in both – nuclear physics and aviation. There are quite few web sites talking about that, but all of them has the same information. Then I had to read Russian and foreign books. Serguey Kuvshinov, my scientific adviser helped me a lot with that study. We spoke a lot, he found my mistakes and let me correct them. I want to work on aviation or in nuclear physics, but I like aviation the best.
Anastassia Badakova from Yaroslavl took the third place. She is the only female student among the contest finalists.
Anastassia Badakova, the third prize, stident of the Soloviev’s Aviation Technical University of Ribinsk
I am going to be an engineer and technologist and I admire aircraft. Before I was in doubts about the subject, I was thinking about aviation itself or may be about women in aviation. But finally enigmatic airplanes attract me more. My friend also gave me some additional reasons, they were standing by me all the time.
All three were invited to the Aviation Builders’ Club – same as all previous contest winners – to be able to communicate with such Russian aviation industry leaders as Henrih Novojilov – the Ilyushin Chief Desiner, Stepan Mikoyan – the Chief of the MIG design Bureau and Guennady Panatov the former long time head of Beriev Company.
Danil Sokolov. The contest winner, student of the aviation technical school of Ufa.
This contest is very useful activity of the aviation community. It helps to produce big backlog of young students, graduates of schools and universities for our aviation industry. It increases educational level of our school leavers and university entrants.
The winners agree with this. The prize itself can be symbolic, the main prize is knowledge.
Danil Sokolov. The contest winner, student of the aviation technical school of Ufa.
Just do what you love to do and finally your devotion will give benefits. This does not mean that I am trying to get financial profit out of my passion right now. If it happens, good, if not – also not bad. It will let me grow – this is the most important result. The level of this Contest grows every year. From the depth of my heart I congratulate all the finalists... Thank you.
The International Conquest on the Aviation and Aeronautics History has finished but this is an annual event. Registration of the participants of the next contest will start on the 1st of October at the Aviation Builders’ web site A-C-club.ru. Any candidate from 12 up to 19 years old from any country can register. It is necessary to run a test containing 15 questions. I order to be allowed to participate in the first stage it is necessary to answer 12 of them correctly. Then the candidate choses one of the proposed subjects. May be one day another genial aviation designer will be discovered by this contest.
Valery Chaussov, Alexander Moisseyev, FlightTV
ВЕДУШИЙ: First amateur airplane pilots competition was held in Habarovsk. 19 participants flying their 19 airplanes competed in precise landing. All three first places were occupied by the students and one instructor of the Chelavia-Vostok air club with the Technam Sierra 2002 airplane. The Habarovsk Gubernia TV Channel has more on this.
Vadim Drozdov, private pilot.
This airplane is almost the same age as me, good airplane, flies well.
Vadim Drozdov vill fly today the Piper Cherokee made in 1966. Before he was a Tupolev’s Tu-154 pilot, then he left the airline and now he calls himself a private pilot. There are a medical doctor, a civil engineer and even an accountant among the participants.
Serguey Doljenko, private pilot.
I am an accountant. I came to aviation recently. Before I was just an accountant, not connected with the aviation in any way. One day I just saw a small plane and I understood – that is what I love.
Serguey bought his airplane last year in Los-Angeles and flew it to Russia himself. His airplane is the oldest one here. 62 years old. 5 airplanes made in the U.S., 2 made in Czech, 3 – made in Italy and one Soviet-made Yak-52 are allowed to fly today. The referees today are the international category judge from Perm and the aerobatics world champion Igor Turik from Khabarovsk.
Igor Turik, the president of the Far East Federation of Aviation Sports.
There are about 20 private aircraft in Khabarovsk now. We are making substantial progress in this. At the end of accounts, the more private pilots the better is the flight safety level.
The essence of such competition is not the flight itself but the precision of the landing. Only 2 attempts are given for the precise landing. It is necessary to land the specially marked site only 10 feet long. A professional instructor pilot accompanies every pilot in the cockpit. But he is not for teaching, he just observes.
Irina Zabrodina, the journalist
Now we are onboard U.S.-made Piper CherokeeSix. It can speed up to 250 kph. Its fuel autonomy is up to 1300 km. Pilot is Vadim Drozdov. Vadim’s task is to land as precisely as possible – the same task as all participants have here.
In order to make a precise landing many factors must be taken into account. The airplane’s weight, the landing speed, the weather forecast. Today the wind is gusty which badly affects the flight track.
Vadim Drozdov, private pilot.
If there was no wind the light airplane would have an advantage because of its low landing speed – easier to estimate the touch-down point.
Vadim managed to reach to the competition finals, but this time the most precise was Ilia Korbut. The first prize is a gold medal and... an airplane. Model one, of course.
ВЕДУЩИЙ: Voskresensk near Moskow is slowly becoming an auto gyro addicts’ mecca. AvtoGyro Rußland has been assembling gyroplanes of the German-made kits for last several years. Recently AvtoGyro Ru started converting an old abandoned bread-baking plant into an auto gyro’s manufactory.
Just two years ago, this place resembled an ancient ruin. Now it is all building site. The plan of the AvtoGyro Ru’s general designer Valentin Ustinov is to build a modern auto gyros production on this place. A newest jig-borer was ordered and put in operation for this purpose.
Plans are ambitious but financial matters are yet to be solved. That is why the Chinese offer of joint investment was accepted by the AvtoGyro Ru’s management. Details of the contract with Chinese Shenma General air sport Company have been discussed at the moment.
The www.xcmeteo.com net resource offers detailed weather forecast at all Globe point. You just fill-in the short registration application at the web-site front page, register your flight area and then get quite accurate weather data. The page of your registered point showing the temperature/altitude curve, dew point curve and probable thermic bubble above your airfield will be updated every few hours. At the left side of the page you will see humidity/altitude diagram, temperature drop, speed and direction of the wind at different altitudes. This resource fits the best the ultra-light no-engine aircraft which requires very accurate and detailed weather data. May be bigger aircraft operators will be interested too because accurate weather forecast is useful for any pilot.
ВЕДУЩИЙ: Childhood is the best age to start with aviation. Hundreds of boys and girls from children’s houses and tutorial families had a chance to see a real air show. Amateur pilots from Chelavia air club and professionals from Strijy aerobatic team made this day unforgettable for young generation of the Moscow Region. Olga Kuznetsova has more on the event.
Victor Khalibsky – the spectator
I liked the best the airplanes’ performance. So beautiful. And also the old Soviet weapons exhibition...
Boys and girls as well their adoptive parents and tutors sing together with animators, participate in contests and try military food cocked in mobile field kitchen. Even strong wind can not stop this fest.
Vera Egorova – the mother of adoptive family
I am the mother in an adoptive family. I have 6 kids. We are all here at this fest with my husband and the children having good fun of what we see. I’d like to say many thanks to the sponsors of this event. Thank you so much. Just before the 70th anniversary of the Victory day they let us touch the military material, to try military cuisine, to hold real Kalashnikov rifle in hands and to see the show.
Nikita Aksenov – the inmate of the Saltikovo Children's Home
I saw much military stuff – weapons, grenades. Even could shoot. The ambience is magnificent.
Anya Nikitin - the inmate of the Saltikovo Children's Home
I took part in all contests. Tag of war, model plane launching...
The idea of such fest belongs to the Department of guardianship and patronage of the Ministry of education of the Moscow Region in Jukovsky City. On this day about 600 orphans from all Moscow Region saw the real aerobatics of the Strijy team.
Dmitry Beliakov, the head of the department of the guardianship and patronage of the Ministry of education of the Moscow Region in Jukovsky City, private pilot.
Perhaps no one can remain indifferent seeing an airplane in the skies. We’ll see lots of airplanes in the skies today. So much kids’ emotions they will produce. We also made an interactive exhibition called Live World War II History in view to let the kids realize how much sacrifice it took of our grandfathers to ensure our peaceful living.
The Russian Aviation’s Victory Fest was possible thanks to its sponsors and the administration of the Jukovsky City, the friends and co-workers including the Russian Federation of Aviation Lovers.
Nikolay Mazurin – the president Russian Federation of Aviation Lovers
We even can not guess what will be the one’s first step to aviation. Maybe just hold a toy airplane in hand or see how great pilots fly or just talk to them will be enough. Our purpose is to let children make something which could draw them into aviation.
Sky can become open to everyone who is eager to learn and improve himself. Like students of Chelavia air company’s aerobatic team who made a beautiful performance. Aleksey Demidov, Serguey Fillipov, Alexander Moskalev and Evgueny Khimshitz – these young guys started flying just two years ago. Today they are not just private pilots, they participate in air shows.
Aleksey demidov – the leader of the Chelavia students’ aerobatic team.
I met my instructor pilot playing the simulator game. He proposed a bet. Let’s see, he said, how long will it take for you to start flying a real airplane. Just yourself with no instructor in the cockpit. It proved to take just about 4,5.
It is good that a young pilot does not forget his teacher – the instructor pilot for Chelavia air company. It is essential to remember your roots. When we asked Viktor Khibinsky “who do you want to be when you grow up?”, he answered:
Viktor Khibinsky – the spectator «Do not know yet, well, after watching airplanes’ performance I feel like being a pilot».
Olga Kuznetsova, Marat Mansurov, FlightTV
ВЕДУЩИЙ: The sponsor of this show – VarterAviation Company – avgas of renown make available now in 8 cities of Russia. Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekateriburg, Krasnodar, Tambov, Dzerjinsk – you can get it at the place to your convenience.
There are different people in general aviation – medical doctors, policemen, even firemen. They are so addict, they fly in their free time. Our traditional “no comment” story today is a congratulation for the firemen who recently celebrated their professional day.
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