Flight TV - Issue 7

Текстовая версия выпуска

FlightTV is on the air - the program for people in love with the sky. The sponsor of this episode is the Aerovolgacompany, which continues mass production of the amphibious La-8 and the development of the two-seater amphibious "Northwind". We go to Alexander Shvydkin in the studio, hello!

Another HeliRussia International. Only in Russia. Helicopter.

 "Pandora's Box" and "Square by Malevich." What were pilots looking for in the vicinity near Moscow Severka.

Aviation News!


At the airport "Volzhanka" Federation of aviation enthusiasts and Leisure Park "Yurievskoye" held a competition for precision landing. The complexity of these events lies in the fact that the markings weren't near the end of the strip, but closer to the center. The first place was taken by Yuri Volodarsky, the second by Viktoria Adzhibaeva and the third by Oleg Lavrov. Prizes were certificates for free accommodation in cottages of the recreation park "Yurvskoe" for three days, for two days, and a day respectively.

HOST: The media had a lot to say about the HeliRussia exhibition held in Moscow. Federal channels reported on various helicopter company contracts for millions of dollars and billions of rubles. We walked through the exhibition with the eyes of your average, ordinary pilot. Evegeniya Maximova shows us what the exhibition had to offer.

HeliRussia 2015 gathered more than 200 participants from 11 countries and nearly 11,000 visitors, surpassing the achievements of previous years. Despite some economic difficulties, the production and sale of machinery and equipment continued and buyers realize that the market is in them, and that this summer they will be offered good prices. First, many private pilots went to the stand of the company Heliwhale from Kemerovo, where there was a new Russian-made - Double-speed ultra-light coaxial helicopter called the Afalina. The helicopter is in the process of development, and dozens of private pilots shared their opinions.

YakovKolesnik, the owner of HeliWhale

In Moscow it was very well received in spite of a lot of criticism. It is very good. And we see what we need to do, what we need to change, and where we need to go. Already a strong buzz has started, everyone is interested in it and ask about it. The main question is: When will it fly?

We spoke more about the Afalina in the fourth episode of our program, and after the story we also had a few emails with questions about where it will be sold. But the company's policy has not changed - pre-orders before the first test flights will not be accepted. There are a few obscure issues that could affect the final price, the main one of which is the helicopter's engine.At the moment, Yakov is going with a version of the Rotax 914, but at the same time he is in search of a budget engine that can even be produced in Russia. Indeed, sometimes the solution can be found in the most unexpected places. For example, technology for linking the main gearbox bearing system is produced by neighbors from Tomsk, who originally made it for electric locomotives.

Victor Stanovsky, General Designer of CJSC "Technology Market"

We have developed a new profile toothed gear wheel, which is superior to all the technical and economic parameters of involute engagement. The makers of the Afalina have developed a gear based on this system. There were no other companies who could build this mechanism to the specifications of the customer. We calculated the case and made the design documentation.

According to the developer, this gearing several times cheaper than involute, and they provisionallyrated it for 5000 hours. Provided that the helicopter flies at face value, without overloading, the parts can be repeatedly extended. Also, thanks to the invention the Afalina will be relieved of that part of the transmission which is responsible for vibration in helicopters.

Victor Stanovsky, General Designer of CJSC "Technology Market"

Involute engagements are kinetically noisy, it gives vibration and transmitted torque, and therefore, more vibration. Our transmission does not vibrate, it does not give a pulsating torque to be transmitted, so it can be fast. And the main thing  is that it is silent.

In parallel with the development of the AfalinaYakovKolesnik is fanatical about private pilots and developing useful things for them to buy. For example, a mechanical hover training simulator and special  ski-equipped skids for landing in snow.

YakovKolesnik, the owner of HeliWhale

We make expansion skids on helicopters like the Robinson 44, 66, and Eurocopter. And now we will make additional fuel tanks in the Robinson 66, which are placed under the seat.

Next to the Afalina there was another 2-seater helicopter, the H2SDynali. It's not very fast, but also quite cheap relative to its classmates, in particular the US Robinson R-22.

Oleg Zagvozdin, owner of the company "Aviatexim"

They're similar helicopters. They perform the same task. But ours is two times cheaper. This is the basic idea. To put people in the helicopter which they can afford. Few people can afford the Robinson helicopter, because the cost of half a million dollars there. Very expensive, actually. This is a completely different level of income. Our helicopter in Russia, that's the one you see in the background, it is worth 190 thousand euros, is already being cleared, registered and so on.

The design and engine of Dynali is very simple, unpretentious and cheap to maintain. The cost of a full hour of helicopter flight is3-3.5 thousand rubles - considering 95 gasoline, spare parts and depreciation.

Oleg Zagvozdin, owner of the company "Aviateksim"

Generally, this is limited to a helicopter's engine. 2,000 hours is the durability of the engine which is installed, the Subaru DS25. This conversion is a famous Japanese American sports engine. A very reliable engine, they did just a little adapting for this role.

In Russia, the Belgian helicopter sold not so long ago, but it is being bought and flown - in Siberia, two in Moscow and one in Bashkortostan.

Among the helicopter novelties it was a bit strange to see the well-known Mi-2 at the show, which arrived here from a Moscow aircraft repair plant. It turned out everything is simple – the Mi-2 is in fashion again. With the fall of the ruble operators are taking the Mi-2 out of storage, and their further operation is more advantageous than the purchase of foreign machines.

Pavel Nenastev, CEO of Moscow aircraft repair plant

There are those customers who for various reasons go from the operation of helicopters like Robinson and return Mi-2 into operation, because it is an undeservedly forgotten machine. With the current exchange rate difference it is substantially cheaper than any analogs of this class. I know that just in the Krasnodar region there are about 100 machines. Not all of them are in the operation, but a large number of machines are being preserved because demand is expected to rise.

Yevgeny Maximov, Marat Mansurov, FlightTV

MODERATOR: The federationof aviation enthusiasts, following its promises, continues to organize activities and entertainment for private pilots. In Severka they held aeronautical flights with intriguing names – "Malevich's Square" and "Pandora's Box". I give the floor to our correspondent Olga Kuznetsova.

Olga Kuznetsova - Correspondent

Flight TV welcomes you to the airport "Severka". Today there is a real adventure. Pilots, sportsmen and amateurs looking for a "Pandora's Box" and paint "Malevich's Square." But seriously, here today is a real competition, in which we, and you, by the way, are participants.

The competition has already begun, and speaking about it is the President of the Federation of aviation enthusiasts Nikolai Mikhailovich Mazurin.

Nikolai Mikhailovich, tell us what will happen here today.

Nikolai Mazurin - President of the Federation of aviation enthusiasts

The competition is that the pilot is assigned to a particular box to find a specific target. It is not an easy task, much like the task of scouts who dealt with the same during the Great Patriotic War. The pilot at a particular time must enter into this box, find an object via photo, and then fly out of this square through certain input and output gates. That's the problem. Who does it quickly and with quality will be the winner. Do not think that a photograph is easy to find, because in the first place the square is not so small, 10km by 10km, and secondly the organizers of the competition made the photo a bit encrypted. And so serious hard work, but very interesting.

It should be noted that the film crew of Flight TV was very lucky with the crew. The commander of our aircraft is Sergey Gavrilenko. He is a master of sports, the man who invented and brought to life these competitions. A player and coach, inspiring his students to capture new heights. Sergey showed me our square.

Olga Kuznetsova - Correspondent

Sergey, tell us a little bit about the rules, because this the first time we are participating in these competitions.

Sergei GAVRILENKO - author of the idea of competitions

We have a photograph with us and you try to understand where it hypothetically may be, but in this case there is a certain body of water, you can even see part of the forest and the town. Some road. Of course, it may be on the map or it can not be – it's a dirt road. Therefore, today we will try to determine where there may be a combination of the pond, the forest and the village. For time we have about 9 minutes, so we can fly at any speed. Most importantly, there was some logic to what you are looking at in this picture. But in our case, you can draw how you would fly.

Olga Kuznetsova - Correspondent

By the meter?

Sergei GAVRILENKO - author of the idea of ​​competitions

No, in general, how would you connect the dots to fly all the points that we see in this picture.

Olga Kuznetsova - Correspondent

Putting the dots in order, there are exactly 6. Let's see how feminine intuition works.

Sergei GAVRILENKO - author of the idea of ​​competitions

Therefore, we are with you and we will join them once we are back at the airfield. Here we have prepared a map with you. Now it remains only to go on the plane, the request permission for take off, and in due time to fly.

Olga Kuznetsova - Correspondent

All right- let's fly then?

Sergei GAVRILENKO - author of the idea of competitions


We went on a mission. Our crew also included cameraman Alexander Moiseev. We took off on time and flew towards our objective.

Sergei GAVRILENKO - author of the idea of competitions

Now for our task. Many mistakes can be made when leaving the airport. Because if we are wrong you come to the entrance gate of the square and clip the border or cross ahead of the square, we will be penalized. For simplicity and our understanding of it is sufficient to fly from here to the left of the road. We must set the time when crossing, we have 50 more minutes. If we pass through early, we will be penalized. Later it will permitted, because you will have less time. We still have 30 seconds before entering. We go a little bit earlier. For this we lowered the flaps and reduced speed, and then the route drawn on the map begins. We first need to reach here before the big lake, there it is on the left. And we have with you, somewhere in the forest … a Railroad see? Here you can see this field? This is followed by the forest again. Please note, that we are with you ... cross the forest adjacent to the railway. ... ... And we have here only a small piece, the rest is part of the town. Turn back to the right, we need you to fly over the water. Here is a feature. It's a dam. So this is not in the picture.

The third attempt was successful. We found a point at the scheduled time, of course, not without the help of Sergei Vasilievich.

Sergei GAVRILENKO - author of the idea of competitions

I'll ask you to try to identify the photo. You can rotate the photo, it can be viewed from any angle. This is the charm. Here the forest's lake. Here we have found you ...

Olga Kuznetsova - Correspondent

Hooray we found it!

Sergei GAVRILENKO - author of the idea of competitions

No, I did not help. That was all you. Let's go back to our airfield.

Olga Kuznetsova - Correspondent

We arrived, we release the aircraft for the following participants.

Sergei GAVRILENKO - author of the idea of competitions


Speaking of participants... There were 13, including athletes and amateurs. Specifying the first was more difficult, but after all the pros train seriously. But Andrei Kharitonov flew for the first time at such a competition and was also looking for "Malevich's square."

Andrei Kharitonov - competitor

I had never been. I didn't ask anything. I just got in a plane and went somewhere. I must say that it is necessary to train, it is necessary to learn and try. It is necessary to improve my skills and go to the next level.

Second place was Peter Sidorov, the third -  private pilot Mikhail Moiseev.

Mikhail Moiseev - competitor

I was able to navigate through the area to pass all the interesting points, the weather was good, the  plane was good, as is my mood.

Attention! The winner of our competition will be announced by Gavrilenko Sergey Vasilyevich – a creative pilot and interesting companion.

Sergei GAVRILENKO - author of the idea of competitions

And the winner of our competition is the crew of  Dmitri Uspensky and Andrei Trubkin. 0 penalty points, but they somehow managed to fly in 3 minutes 42 seconds.

Winners of the celebration and the organizers have conceived something new! Well, we look forward to it! Olga Kuznetsova, Marat Mansurov, Flight TV

HOST: The company "Aerovolga" manufacturer of serial amphibians La 8, enters the market with a new project - a two seater amphibian the "Northwind". The company has signed a protocol of intentions and is preparing a contract for the supply of five of the planes in Europe at a price of 85,000 US dollars each. And there are still 5 machines on this promotional price 85,000. Don't be late- reserve one. In the future, the price of "Northwind" will be about 125 thousand US dollars.

Private pilots use the services of large aircraft. On regular commercial flights, it can be like riding a bus with wings. Stewardesses and stewards bring food and drinks. But they are real people, and sometimes even they take a break from their templates. Today in our traditional rubric "no comment" - preflight briefing in the original performance. I say goodbye to you. If you liked the issue, give us your likes on Facebook and subscribe to our Youtube channel. You've been with Alexander Shvydkin, I see you.